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Barrier Treatments Instead of Fumigation?

A more conservative method than gassing the entire building might be to treat the barriers, such as the foundation of the building, and around entry points like windows.  This 2-3 month treatment is also much more affordable than fumigation, and is the usual choice for very large buildings, since the perimeter might actually be very different than the volume of space inside.  Of course, barrier treatments, like any conservative treatment, are not as final a solution as fumigation. 

Windows should also be weatherproof, and the insulation should be checked to ensure there are no unsecured entry points.  In many cases, one hole is the sole reason for an infestation!  Foam insulation can be used as treatment in these cases. 

All this talk of poison and evacuation has surely got you shaking in your boots!  However, we assure you not to be overly fearful of the process itself.  It is completely safe, as the law dictates.  And if we all follow these set standards, there is no risk to a person’s health.  In the following posts, we’re going to discuss why professional extermination is a safe solution, and how to stay safe even when World War III of pest life is breaking out!