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Cost Factors in Pest Control

How much does extermination cost?  This really depends on the locality (the region, land and water issues) as well as the company and its market research.  Another factor to consider is which bugs you are spraying/fumigating for.  Not all bugs … Read more


Steps in Hiring a Pest Control Company

Step 1: Make sure the company has experience in working with the bug/rodent/animal that you have a problem with.  There’s no sense to hire a general exterminator to handle major league issues like scorpion infestation. Step 2: Always ask what … Read more


Guarantees and Warranties in Pest Control

When it comes to guarantees and warranties, a lot of this will depend on the company’s marketing approach, and what they perceive to be the local needs of the community.  Warranties can be extreme—from ten years and on, or perhaps … Read more


Cookie Cutter Services vs. the Customized Approach to Pest Control

The term “cookie cutter” refers to standardized treatment, which saves a bundle for established companies, since the common thinking is that their customer base generally wants the same thing.  However, this is not a very realistic approach to pest control, … Read more


How to Pick the Right Pest Control Company: Contracts

It’s imperative that you get everything in writing before agreeing to work with any exterminator company.  While it’s easy to think that if you trust someone, there is no reason for a contract, this is not how it should go.  … Read more


How to Pick the Right Pest Control Company: Reputation

Reputation is the next aspect to consider, and it’s not the same thing as experience or know-how.  A company’s reputation represents how they work with others.  It’s not just part of their “brand”, as in what they’re saying—but how they … Read more


How to Pick the Right Pest Control Company: Experience

Now experience is an altogether different issue.  A lot of pest control companies have schooling and have textbook knowledge.  (A lot of which you’ve covered in this book)  However, without real world experience, these newbies may be out of their … Read more


How to Pick the Right Pest Control Company: Qualifications

The first two aspects to consider are qualifications and reputation.  Qualifications are important, since pest control companies must be licensed by the state to handle certain poisons.  You won’t even be able to gain access to the strongest and most … Read more


Where to Stay During Evacuation for Pest Control

Some types of pest control measures, such as whole house fumigations, require home evacuation for a specific period of time.  This can be anywhere from one day to an extended time for troublesome cases.  So where does one stay during … Read more


How to Avoid Getting Sick While Using Pesticides

Accidental poisonings are a tragedy that often could have been easily avoided.  To avoid getting sick while using pesticides it is important you know the facts.  Various pesticides can make you sick by skin contact, breathing them in, if they … Read more