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Firearms and Wildlife

Firearms are often a thought for those that are dealing with wildlife issues.  This can be used to simply scare them off, or even in home self defense against bigger predators.  There are a lot of things to consider when … Read more


Is Pest Control Humane?

Being humane and a human are typically synonymous.  We all want peace in our homes without pests, but that doesn’t mean we want cruelty.  Professional exterminators will often try to use means that are as humane as possible.  Live traps … Read more


The Safest Practices in Pest Control

To begin, you must choose the right products for the particular pest you need to control.  Many issues can arise when people choose to mix different poisons in one area as their combined ingredients may be even more toxic together.  … Read more


Do Pesticides Have Health Risk to Humans?

Some people cite the dangers of using pesticides, but not acting can come with its own set of dangers, sometimes even lethal ones.  Mosquitoes for instance can transmit diseases to their hosts which can include malaria, yellow fever, and West … Read more


Barrier Treatments Instead of Fumigation?

A more conservative method than gassing the entire building might be to treat the barriers, such as the foundation of the building, and around entry points like windows.  This 2-3 month treatment is also much more affordable than fumigation, and … Read more


Fumigation and Commercial Properties

There is one significant difference between home fumigation and commercial fumigation.  You usually cannot fumigate a large commercial building yourself, even if you own it.  Due to various state laws in the US, most commercial, farming or industrial pesticide solutions … Read more


Alternate Methods: Heat Fumigation and Space Treatment

A more environmentally friendly option would be heat fumigation, which mainly works by increasing the temperature to a high degree number that can no longer support most forms of life.  This is about 140 degrees or more.  Unfortunately, this procedure … Read more


Can You Do Fumigation Yourself?

While it is fairly easy to lay a few traps around the house and spray bug killer here and there, it is a major undertaking to fumigate an entire house.  Some homeowners are bold and will try it—whether it’s a … Read more


The Most Common Chemicals Used in Fumigation

Magnesium Phosphide: This solid can be converted into powder or granules.  The phosphine gas it produces when introduced to acid or moisture is very toxic. Methyl Bromide: Methyl bromide, commonly used in farming, can be a fumigant as well as … Read more


Last Resort or a Matter of Convenience?

The chemicals used during fumigation are so powerful and far-reaching that no other treatment will be required.  That’s right; the gas can reach corners, crevices, holes and practically everything in the house.  It is the type of treatment you order … Read more