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Empire State Pest Control will protect your home against common household pests. Don’t let pest and other critters sneak their way into your property call the professionals today!


What Happens Inside During Fumigation?

Once the building is sealed off, the exterminator must weigh the facts and determine what chemical is best to kill off the pest or pests that are making life miserable.  The team must determine how much of the gas is … Read more


What is Fumigation?

Fumigation involves covering the environment, making it sealed, so that the neighborhood is not exposed to powerful toxins.  The fumigant is then released into the area, usually one house or building.   If the levels are high enough, then the occupants … Read more


Rodent Control and Removal

Rodents are of primary concern, as they are easily the most dangerous pest when it comes to disease transmission.  However, it won’t be as easy as you might think to get rid of them—not in a commercial place.  It is … Read more


Getting Rid of Flies

Flies, much like roaches, only infest when there are food/water sources available.  Despite what you may have witnessed at your least favorite fast food store; flies are not commonly found in good restaurants and must be dealt with immediately, once … Read more


What Pest Control Products Can Be Used for Insects?

Pest control products that you might allow in your home or office are usually not allowed in restaurants.  While this may seem strange, the fact is that there is a major difference between an office or your home, which sees … Read more


Food and Chemicals

Food and chemicals usually don’t mix.  In general, pesticides and insecticides are not the kind of things you want around you dinner plate, your drinking water or even your snacks.  In fact, the more powerful the poison, the more you’re … Read more


Health Codes and Inspections

When it comes to serving food and drinks, you have plenty to worry about besides customers.  Customers can be forgiving, and the loss of one household won’t cripple you.  However, if your restaurant, hotel or food trailer fails a city … Read more


Preventive Techniques for Pest Control In Restaurants

Much like a home or office situation, the first order in restaurant pest control is to determine through inspection, followed by sanitation and exclusion.  Needless to say, the restaurant should be closed to the public whenever there is evidence of … Read more


How to Get Rid of Wildlife

Wildlife is a slightly different problem than infesting or invading insects.  You can’t just exterminate masses of wildlife, but at the same time…you can’t just let a bear mingle along with your customers.  While wildlife visits are not common in … Read more


Protected Pests

Some of the “protected pests” might include bees, since they are a major part of the ecosystem (pollinating flowers and such) and without them, the human race would eventually die off.  Bees are already falling in number, not only because … Read more