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Empire State Pest Control will protect your home against common household pests. Don’t let pest and other critters sneak their way into your property call the professionals today!


Legal Issues in Pest Control

There are three areas of legal issues to consider when you’re in business, concerning pest control.  First, the threat of being liable for these pests and any damage or harm they can bring to clients.  Second, that you might have … Read more


Different Businesses and Why They Might Need Pest Control

Any business could suffer from infestation or pest harassment, at the very least.  Offices, car dealerships and retail stores are certainly not unwelcoming to pests, particularly in extreme temperature months.  However, the most common places that hold large pest populations … Read more


Is Your Home An Invitation to Pests?

Pest control such as spraying, baits, and traps are all good measures to help get rid of pests.  These are only short-term measures though, if your home is an open invitation for them to return.  There are certain risk factors … Read more


Structural Issues

Because bugs or rodents tend to move between various units when they grow in number, it will be only a matter of time before they infest more areas inside the wall, or in some cases, underneath the house.  Remember also … Read more


Where Pests Gravitate

Pests usually come from outside sources, though there are cases where the pest actually predates the homeowner.  In most cases though, an outside source is to blame for the infestation.  For example, many pest populations start from something as seemingly … Read more


What to Do if You Are Bitten

Don’t assume that any bite is harmless, even if it comes from a small insect.  Even the smallest of pests can carry disease.  So what you perceive as a nuisance could actually be a serious threat for infection.  And a … Read more


Strategies for Elimination

Keep It Clean: Some pests live in damp, dark places and they wallow in filth.  Right away, this suggests that keeping the house super clean, dry and well-lit is a necessity, as you can instantly make your haven less hospitable … Read more


Bug Motivations

Don’t assume bugs are just there to make your life miserable.  There is a specific reason why each species might choose to invade.  There are generally six motivations for all species:  They want your blood!  (Insert Dracula laugh here) They … Read more


Why Do I Have An Infestation?

Sometimes, infestation happens prior to you ever arriving in your new home, whether due to the previous homeowners’ bad management, or perhaps even a poor choice in land development.  (Just think of all those invading scorpions in Arizona, that are … Read more


Biological Pest Control

Biological pest control is not an easy concept to explain or even understand, but it is a legitimate alternative that some companies and some households would prefer—if not specifically because of ecological reasons, then at the very least to consistently … Read more