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Can You Do Fumigation Yourself?

While it is fairly easy to lay a few traps around the house and spray bug killer here and there, it is a major undertaking to fumigate an entire house.  Some homeowners are bold and will try it—whether it’s a good idea or not.  If you were to undergo this process here are the steps.

Step 1: Remove all living things (yes, plants and pets) and edibles from the house.  Nothing can be eaten after the house is fumigated.  You may be able to save some products (i.e. medicines and so forth) by sealing them in airtight bags.

Step 2: Open all bags of clothing and any plastic on your furniture.  Make sure every item in your house is “open” so that the gas can reach every millimeter of the building.

Step 3: Make sure all access is prevented from the outside.  Lock and seal every entryway, including windows.  The A/C and heating system should be left off, as should all electrical appliances.  Be sure to seal any holes or vents to the outside, such as laundry vents and exhaust holes.

Step 4: Before leaving, set up fumigation “bomb” devices throughout the home. 

We, in the exterminating business, don’t recommend trying fumigation on your own, though it’s not altogether illegal.  It’s just extremely dangerous and a huge undertaking, since you want to closely monitor how much poison you’re releasing and for how long.  Simply taking a guess could be very hazardous to your family and the neighborhood if you release too much poison.

Obviously, you will not be expected to create your own “tent” or cover your house when you self-fumigate.  And that means that you will be limited in what you can do, since commercial fumigation tools are much stronger than the DIY bombs you can set up yourself.