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Cookie Cutter Services vs. the Customized Approach to Pest Control

The term “cookie cutter” refers to standardized treatment, which saves a bundle for established companies, since the common thinking is that their customer base generally wants the same thing.  However, this is not a very realistic approach to pest control, since every house is different, every homeowner has different preferences, and every structure is different.  Since this is an ongoing process, personal and custom approaches work best, especially if certain pests prove to be resistant to outdated technology.

The personal approach involves:

  • Assessing the situation, which includes inspection, identifying categories or pests, potential causes and hypothetical solutions, and then settling on the best treatment available.  This process also involves consideration of the facility type, and any housing or building conditions that might be involved in pest activity.
  • The next stage is implementation, which is the personalized approach, covering areas of prevention ideas, environmental responsibility and a discussion of sanitation hot spots.
  • The monitoring stage involves regular inspections, just to make sure the pest control problem is being resolved.  While it’s always common in homes, it is a necessity for many businesses that rely on a clean and healthy environment to thrive.  Agents from the pest control company will come by and look for signs of hidden pest activity, conditions that may bring them back, and compare and review the efficacy of the current program for all pests. 
  • Lastly there is the documentation stage, which involves documenting all transactions, all results, all findings and all chemicals that were used during the pest control visit. 

Personalized services are also invaluable whenever you have a “difficult” pest like mosquitoes (which many exterminator companies won’t even treat, because it requires a highly unique approach and not “cookie cutter” type services) or even scorpions, who are considered “difficult pests” even when compared to roaches and mice.  There is no pest that is impossible to destroy or control, but it does take more work and this will scare some exterminators away.  (Or worse yet, you get one treatment idea and then they throw in the towel)  Additional research may be involved as well as experimental treatment, in chemical, natural or even biological solutions.