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Cost Factors in Pest Control

How much does extermination cost?  This really depends on the locality (the region, land and water issues) as well as the company and its market research.  Another factor to consider is which bugs you are spraying/fumigating for.  Not all bugs are the same.  Some are extremely difficult and dangerous, while others will require special equipment.  Naturally, these species will be more expensive to get rid of.

We cannot presume to provide a standard price quote for every pest control company out there.  We’ve definitely heard reports of companies charging $50-$300 or more to spray for insects for a 90 day period.  Quarterly contracts may cost more, upwards of $500-$1000 yearly, depending on the size of the property and the pest.

Rodents are similarly priced, at least when setting down poison is all that is required.  However, installing traps might be more expensive, as would charging to get rid of wildlife creatures such as bats, bees, gators, snakes and so on.  Poisonous animals are the most expensive charge, though you might get some assistance from local authorities if the pest is a protected species.

Extra charges may be required for specially trained sniffing dogs (common with bedbugs) and for fumigation, which is commonly recommended in cases of bedbug or termite infestation.  Fumigation treatments could cost thousands, but again, this is depending on the size of the house or business.  

Ultimately, you don’t want cheap service.  You appreciate coupons, seasonal discounts and repeat business specials, sure.  However, going with the cheapest option can be very unproductive.  You’re not really saving anything if the exterminator company just has to come back and charge you full price again. 

Don’t worry too much about price—unless you don’t have the budget to pay for certain services.  Instead, concentrate on getting the lowdown of what they do, and whether that’s worth the value.  Companies that pay greater attention to detail and offer extended warranties are a much more cost-efficient choice than one-time pest control outfits that do a shoddy job.  Obviously, give special attention to any company that is smart enough to put some effort into biological planning and ecological sensitivity, as well as chemical bug warfare, if necessary.  Most importantly, choose a company that explains its safety procedures, which shows care for your home and family. 

Price is not the bottom line.  With issues like pest control (some species which could be deadly) and using potentially dangerous chemicals, you want the company that puts in the work to make sure you’re taken care of in every respect.