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Firearms and Wildlife

Firearms are often a thought for those that are dealing with wildlife issues.  This can be used to simply scare them off, or even in home self defense against bigger predators.  There are a lot of things to consider when using a firearm for pest control.  First, you need to be sure that it is legal to use your gun on certain animals and in certain areas.  Another caution is that of being trained to use the gun.  Guns are serious business, and someone could easily get wounded or even killed if they are not handled properly.  For the most part firearms should be considered a last resort.  Air guns are another option being used by some to run off smaller animals but can also harm humans if not used properly. 

When dealing with wildlife it may be better to consult the professionals.  Many have non-lethal ways of being with wildlife issues.  Typically it starts with addressing the cause for an animal to invade the yards or homes of people, and then correcting the situation as best as possible.  Basically, you want to know what attracted the animal into the situation and then eliminate the reasons they were drawn there. 

For example if the wildlife you are having an issue with are rabbits eating your gardens and flowers, many people don’t want to resort to firearms, but find a humane way of dealing with them.  Barriers may be suggested, repellents, devices meant to startle and scare them off, and even modifying the yard such as removing “cover” that they can hide in; can all be easy solutions for this problem. 

Bears can be a big problem, but do not necessarily need a firearm to solve.  Professionals have gotten creative such as doing negative actions like setting off fireworks or using rubber bullets when a bear comes into a yard.  These situations are best handled by the experts.  Skunks, raccoons, bats, deer, foxes and other wildlife can all be handled in humane ways.   

If you do choose to use firearms use extreme caution, know the law, and have proper training to ensure a good outcome of the situation.