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Food and Chemicals

Food and chemicals usually don’t mix.  In general, pesticides and insecticides are not the kind of things you want around you dinner plate, your drinking water or even your snacks.  In fact, the more powerful the poison, the more you’re recommended to leave the house while the pest control company is working. 

Certain chemicals can cause major harm to the skin and can poison human beings, and that’s whether the chemicals are spilled (as in leaving out poison for pests) or even absorbed into food from the air. 

In general, food related businesses are advised to make sure all chemicals are kept in the proper containers and that they are stored properly, preferably the lowest shelf, to reduce the risk of leaking.

The question is, is there such a thing as a non-toxic insecticide or rat poison?  In Europe, and in some regions in the US, there has been a concentrated effort to eliminate pests without the use of chemicals.  Non-toxic pest control solutions reduce the risk of cross contamination in using certain brands of poison. 

Methods might include mechanical, highly sophisticated traps and bait stations.  These machines can alert owners when they’re on the road for immediate removal of the pest, as well as offer real time web monitoring for owners who want to conduct surveillance on their floors, and other areas.  

Another new technology is that of carbon dioxide freezing, which can instantly kill smaller insects, and which leaves no stain or residual quality. 

Of course, the main point behind all of this cutting-edge technology (which many business owners might not be able to afford) is that you need to concentrate on keeping pests off the premises entirely; making them unlivable for pest populations.  Any bait or traps would ideally be placed on the outer perimeters rather than inside the restaurant.

That said; restaurant owners do have certain rights, and it is better to get rid of an infestation problem rather than risk letting the pest population grow to an obscene degree, just because of long-term ecological issues.

Restaurant owners do, however, have to abide by certain regulations and standards for pest management, and especially so if they serve food.  They must go out of their way to make sure that food, preparation areas, equipment, serving locations and other parts of the facility are not contaminated with insecticide, or mouse/rat killing poisons—or even residues of such poisons. 

In addition to roaches and rodents, flies (a common threat that can easily come from outside) must be taken care of, and owners/managers must ensure that no body parts of pests can contaminate food or food areas.