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Guarantees and Warranties in Pest Control

When it comes to guarantees and warranties, a lot of this will depend on the company’s marketing approach, and what they perceive to be the local needs of the community.  Warranties can be extreme—from ten years and on, or perhaps as little as six months to a year.  There are also varying types of warranties, including repair coverage, re-treatment coverage and premium warranties which are all encompassing.

Are they worth buying?  It really depends on your budget as well as the type of pest you are trying to eliminate.  If the problem is dire, such as scorpion or mice infestation, then a warranty might be a good idea, particularly if you couldn’t afford another drastic measure within a short period of time.  With warranties, you’re not merely avoiding high fees associated with equipment and pesticides, but also sparing yourself reapplication fees and other expenses you will have to pay. 

Most warranties offer free coverage in the event of another infestation episode, but you should know that most companies who do offer this warranty, statistically speaking, do not notice any recurring problems.  So in a way, it’s a gamble, since it’s unlikely that a total fumigation will fail…but at the same time, it will be a major headache if the bugs/rodents reappear. 

Warranties are for your protection, since no pest control company can afford to do a second extermination job for free.  Some of our abilities are limited to the power of nature and stubborn pests that learn how to evolve and adapt over time.  With a warranty, provided the warranty explicitly says no dollar limits or partial coverage, you are completely protected from initial failure.

Warranties may also include:

  • Unexpected national/international bugs or pests that other companies might not cover
  • Inspections of your home on a regular basis, and without the need to schedule an appointment
  • The ability to transfer the warranty to a new homeowner if you sell your house
  • Protection against accidental damage to your property, to wells or water systems, or structural foundations of the home (though, this is usually covered in liability insurance; believe it or not, some shady companies won’t pay for this)

Guarantees are handled either through money back guarantee (if the householder or business owner is unhappy with the service), or through free redoing of the initial pest control project should there be failure.  There is obviously no guarantee that bugs will never return, so what you are actually negotiating in this case is repeat “one time” service—in the event it is needed.

Not all companies offer guaranteed options, and frankly, none should have to do this just to be perceived as legitimate.  Companies are required to be honest, transparent and straightforward about what they can do and what they can’t do.  They can’t predict the future—all they can do is predict what happens according to the sciences of pest control that they do understand.

Nonetheless, it is certainly reassuring when a company puts its money where its mouth is, so to speak, and offers to redo the job or give a money back guarantee, in the event that the treatment is unsuccessful.  Naturally, such guarantees are time sensitive, since many factors can change within several months.  So keep this point in mind, and don’t make any presumptions.  Just get it in writing.