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How to Get Rid of Wildlife

Wildlife is a slightly different problem than infesting or invading insects.  You can’t just exterminate masses of wildlife, but at the same time…you can’t just let a bear mingle along with your customers.  While wildlife visits are not common in highly developed urban areas, in rural territories and even some suburbs, you may occasionally receive unwelcomed guests.  If this happens:

  • Consider trapping the animal and calling appropriate authorities
  • Do not feed them or leave waste out where they can reach it
  • Use deterrents such as pepper sprays, urine of other predators and similar products
  • Buy a dog to scare away other large pests (dogs can even scare away bears!)
  • Install a fence around your yard and home
  • Seal all holes to your home, garage and other units

We’ve talked quite a bit about invasive wildlife and other interior-exterior pests in business.  In next week’s post , we’re going to continue the discussion and bring up some important points about food and health.  This is going to be a must-read for business owners who are in the food or hospitality industry!