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How to Pick the Right Pest Control Company: Contracts

It’s imperative that you get everything in writing before agreeing to work with any exterminator company.  While it’s easy to think that if you trust someone, there is no reason for a contract, this is not how it should go.  You should trust someone because they are willing to put everything in writing—that speaks volumes about the transparency and honesty of the company.

This is especially important in homes that may be vulnerable to a variety of pests.  Do not assume that a company will take care of any and all problems with pests, even if there are verbal assurances to that effect. 

In general, if a contract does not specifically list a species of pest, or very particular situations, there is no reason to assume that coverage is there.  Besides, if the contract explicitly mentions a pest by name (say, scorpions or rats, etc.) then they will have to honor this contract, and all guarantees associated with services. 

Contracts are quite common in the business, and that’s not merely speaking of onetime service charges, but also of recurring contracts to protect a home from the threat of invasion.  The threat of infestation is typically not a problem that is forever cured with one visit.  You must maintain your home or business and ensure that the pest control company is appearing on a regular basis in order to offer protection for the long-term. 

So most companies are not going to simply do one job and bid you goodbye.  They are going to try to talk you into recurring services, as this is the best way to ensure you will not be infested later.  In case you haven’t been told yet…bugs usually don’t listen to “word of mouth.”

The service agreement contact breaks down all items one by one rather than simply having one huge “one-time treatment price.”

Consider that even the EPA warns against being content with occasional or one-time treatments for a long-term solution.  This is because:

  1. The EPA only regulates products for three months of treatment time, meaning one-time treatments will never completely control the situation. 
  2. Companies that really care about customers are not going to go for the quick one-time payment option if they know the house or business holder is going to be calling back in a month.  They may accept these terms at the request of the householder, but it’s not likely their recommendation. 
  3. Eggs of pests don’t even hatch for about six months for some species and furthermore, some species can actually “starve” for half a year’s time before dying.

Pests are an ongoing problem and contracts ensure your long-term protection.  True, you might not need “regular fumigations”, but a fumigation job followed by regular visits using sprays, granules, gels and so on is fairly common.  Even if you get rid of one pest, don’t conclude that you’re off the hook for the rest of your life.  Different pests can turn up at any time and for the same reasons—or entirely different reasons. 

This is not medicine man style work with cures and “fixes”, but a program of consistency, which takes many factors into account.