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How to Pick the Right Pest Control Company: Experience

Now experience is an altogether different issue.  A lot of pest control companies have schooling and have textbook knowledge.  (A lot of which you’ve covered in this book)  However, without real world experience, these newbies may be out of their league.  Bugs are unpredictable, even with what we know about them. 

Bugs, rodents and wildlife species can also “adapt” to their environment.  So it’s not unheard of for certain pests to grow a tolerance to some of the weaker pesticides.  The last thing you want is for an exterminator to shrug and say, “Well it should have worked!”  That’s not going to do a lot of good for your infestation problem! 

This emphasizes the importance of experience—and not just a year or so, to pass an exam, but many years of daily experience working within the industry and within the city.  This means that the company is:

  1. Established and not likely to go out of business anytime soon.
  2. They know their pesticides and understand what works—and this superior knowledge is what keeps them thriving.
  3.  Have experience in working with many different types of pests and a variety of unique situations.

In short, the more the company has seen over the years, the more qualified they are to give advice based on their hands-on experience.