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How to Pick the Right Pest Control Company: Qualifications

The first two aspects to consider are qualifications and reputation.  Qualifications are important, since pest control companies must be licensed by the state to handle certain poisons.  You won’t even be able to gain access to the strongest and most effective poisons without finding a licensed and trusted authority in the field. 

A company must meet minimum requirements in order to attain a license and legally practice this profession.  Educational prerequisites do differ from state to state, but most will involve a certain number of hours in classroom training regarding environmental standards, as well as more hours studying on-the-job training for modern pest control methods.  An exterminator who is certified (approved by an elite membership of the field, statewide or nationally) must supervise such training.

In order to conclude, a trainee must finish an exam for licensing and certification, and pass a criminal background check.  The license may encompass principle and branch locations, and may involve various forms of applications, such as ground pests, aquatic pests or aerial pests. 

Other essentials may include:

  • A fictitious business name
  • A certificate of good standing
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Registering the business name
  • Renewing licenses and certifications

However, even once a company is up and running, there is a great deal of work to do.  Pest control companies must keep pest control application notification for at least two years, in addition to their usual expenses and invoices.  They must record all uses of pesticides and will sometimes be required to make reports to the local government office. 

They will be expected to have valid permits for all the materials they use, regardless of volume or activity, and keep pest control advisories on file, cover local standards and acceptable uses. 

Completed schooling, of course, is a symbol of the educational milestones the company has reached, indicating to home and business owners that these professionals understand how their field works, and understand why infestation is occurring.  Government standards are in effect in order to protect the environment from the mismanagement of dangerous chemical products.