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How to Pick the Right Pest Control Company: Reputation

Reputation is the next aspect to consider, and it’s not the same thing as experience or know-how.  A company’s reputation represents how they work with others.  It’s not just part of their “brand”, as in what they’re saying—but how they treat their customers before, during and after the pest control experience. 

There are just as many good exterminators as there are crooked con artists out there.  A company’s reputation—what others are saying about them, and how word is spreading—is the determining factor between a positive and negative experience.  A crooked operation, or even a legal business that does unethical work, is not going to develop a stellar reputation, and that’s regardless of advertising.  Their name will eventually suffer as the local community wises up to their empty promises.

However, companies that go out of their way to provide an excellent, stress-free experience will be remembered by the customer.  They will make most of their sales off referrals and the rest via word of mouth, friend to friend advertising—which is so much more effective nowadays than empty sales copy.  Their good business ethic will be what makes the company last for the long-term.

And no doubt, you will be very impressed by friendly service, special savings, coupons, seasonal deals and little extras that show the company cares.

That said, those are not always the most important factors.  When deciding which pest control company to try, consider these questions:

  • Am I settling for the first company I see listed on the net?
  • Have I considered reports from the Better Business Bureau?
  • Do any of these companies have reviews on Yelp or other local websites
  • Are you getting your information from legitimate reviews or just company hype?
  • What companies do your friends and families use?
  • Are you making a list and comparing pros and cons of each company? 
  • How long has your company of choice been practicing in your area?
  • Are they willing to give references?
  • Are they willing to show evidence of license and certification?
  • Are there believable customer testimonials?  (Preferably on third party websites?)
  • Is the company a member of a national pest control association?
  • Is the company insured for liability? 
  • Are technicians licensed individually as well as the company?  (Important since, technicians will be doing the actual work)
  • What guarantees does the company offer?
  • Does the company use any biological pest management solutions or pesticides?  Does it matter for your particular neighborhood or house?
  • How long do their services take, by their own word and by the words of others?
  • How soon will they schedule you for inspection and treatment?
  • What extras do they offer?

In short, make sure that the company you favor can back up everything they promise well before you pay for any services.  They should be proud to give you references and proof of certification, not make an issue about it.  Total transparency is the sign of a successful and trustworthy company, and almost needless to say, it is vital when you’re paying for such costly services.