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Is Pest Control Humane?

Being humane and a human are typically synonymous.  We all want peace in our homes without pests, but that doesn’t mean we want cruelty.  Professional exterminators will often try to use means that are as humane as possible.  Live traps are often used to capture animals like raccoons, skunks and other creatures so that they can be released unharmed back into the wild.  Some even use deterrents such as essential oils or herbs that can drive away pests harmlessly.  Balsam oil is good for deterring rodents where as whitethorn root is good for deterring snakes. 

Sometimes, however, there are no other alternatives but to use pesticides or poisons.  Termites for example can breed quickly and eat your home right out from under you if you aren’t quick about getting rid of them.  In these cases there is little choice but to exterminate the pests.  In instances like these, you can know that it is an “us or them” scenario, and that you have done all you can to get rid of the invading creatures in humane ways. 

Most poisons are fast acting, meaning they will not cause much suffering to the insect, rodent or animal.  If you have concerns about the products being used, most professional exterminators will be happy to discuss how the products they use work and offer you choices.  Many products available today can even be “green” or organic, so be sure to discuss these options with your pest control professional. 

Pest control is often not only about getting rid of an annoyance, but also about protecting your home and your family.  We are all animals in the end, if you were invading another species’ den in the wild, you can be sure they would get rid of you in just as much of a hurry!