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An insect that loves to invade our homes, and can be a hard bug to get rid of, is most commonly known as the bed bug.  Bed bugs, as the name suggests, like to infest beds and other plush surfaces.  While cockroaches may scurry across kitchen counters leaving filth behind that can make us sick, bed bugs actually scurry across us and use human blood as their food source!  It is enough to make you never want to get in bed again, the thought of these bugs slyly crawling out at night and feeding off of us, their hosts, often without us knowing until symptoms show up.  This is the one time it is wise not to be a gracious host, but kick out those nasty invaders as soon as possible. 

Bed bugs tend to be brown to red-brown in color with small, flat, oval bodies, with a small head and thin legs near the front of their bodies.  They are typically less than 5 millimeters in length.  The bed bugs’ movements are often quick like that of an ant, though their appearance often is mistaken for small roaches.  

Bedbugs like warm environments which is why they love to infest a human home that is often kept at a warm temperature year round.  They can be found not only in beds, but couches and other pieces of furniture, inside cars, and often near animal bedding.  Even the cleanest house can become infested.  Full adult bugs and eggs can attach to animals or people from other areas and be brought into a home.  This means they could be picked up at a hotel, a movie theatre, or on public transportation and brought back into the home. 

The first signs of an infestation are usually when symptoms from the host begin to show; which often includes rashes from the bites, allergies, and of course psychological effects.  Also look for small dark spots in the suspected infestation area that smear and look like blood, as well as tiny flaky skins that are exoskeletons of the bed bugs.  Bedbugs are typically nocturnal so they may be hard to spot during the day as they can crawl into very small spaces to hide, and even small creases can harbor hundreds of bedbug eggs without detection.  A high infestation of bedbugs can sometimes even be noticed by smell as they are said to have a rotten fruit smell, like that of rotting raspberries.      

They have other names depending on what area of the world you are in including wall louse, redcoat, and chinche bug, or even the scientific name Cimex lectularius, but all refer to the same blood drinking, home invading bug. 

Damage from bed bugs can be costly to remedy, not to mention a PR nightmare. Contact Empire State Pest Control to see how we can help protect your property from bed bugs.

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