Water Bugs
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Water Bugs & Roaches


Cockroaches & Waterbugs

Cockroaches are one of the most common infestations in homes as they tend to adapt to their surroundings and are not easily killed.  In fact fossils that seem similar to cockroaches have been found dating back more than 350 million years!  There are actually many different species of cockroaches.  There are American, German, Asian, Oriental, and Tropical types to name just a few.  Knowing the species of cockroach can help you determine the plan of action for ridding your home of the pests.

American cockroaches are common in the southern states, though they can be found in areas around the world such as Spain, Greece and India.  They tend to have a reddish brown coloring with a yellow toned head, and at adulthood tend to be around an inch and a half in size.  They prefer warmer temperatures, which is why they like the warm surroundings of the human home.  They like moist areas, which is why they are often found in dank basements, and under leaky kitchen sinks.  They can pick up bacteria on their bodies, such as salmonella and track it on countertops and other areas where food is prepared.  Their feces can also cause persons prone to allergic reactions to have attacks.    

Oriental cockroaches, sometimes called water bugs, are most common in the Midwest and northwest of the US.  They are darker in color, from a dark brown to a black hue and tend to be about an inch in length when they reach adulthood.  They do like water more than most, which is why you will often find them near drains, and outside under damp mulch.  These roaches can be hard to get rid of as they lay cases of eggs that can hatch long after pesticides have worn away.  

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German cockroaches, sometimes called a hood, have been found all over the States but prefer warmer climates.  They are smaller, often only half an inch in size and range in color from a light brown to black.  These cockroaches love food, which is why they are most often found in kitchens, restaurants, and hotels.  They can be very hard to get rid of as they lay a large number of eggs, and can hide more easily due to their small size. 

American and Oriental cockroaches can live up to a year and a half, while the life span of the German cockroach usually doesn’t last longer than 9 months.  American cockroaches are able to fly, where as the German and Oriental cannot.  No matter what type of cockroach it is, all people care about is getting them out of their homes and businesses!

We are experts in roach control. Cockroaches live in a wide range of environments around the world. Pest species adapt readily to a variety of environments, but prefer warm conditions found within buildings. At Empire State Pest Control we utilize the latest technologies and trained experienced service men to works towards “total control”.

What We Can Do

For Cockroach control we first inspect the premises to figure out where they might be hiding. Then we use the latest delivery methods to deliver precise amounts of chemicals into cracks & crevices or baits to the nests and areas where the roaches live. A combination of baits and chemicals usually yields the best results in most cases. We have been providing world class service for over 15 years and have steadily grown each year due to our commitment to the customer.


What you should do

  • Always clean food (including crumbs) from counter tops, tables and other areas of the house.
  • Fix plumbing leaks and establish a moisture control program in the house. Use a dehumidifier, if necessary, and wipe up water spills immediately.
  • Insulate pipes.
  • Get rid of clutter! Rummage through and cabinets and eliminate stray bags, papers, old newspapers, plastic shopping bags, and envelopes. Keep the area under sinks and around washers and dryers well organized, clean, and orderly. Scrub basement floors with a solution of bleach and hot water several times a year. Invest in a dehumidifier to control moisture.
  • Caulk or seal pipe moldings. If the hole is too large to be caulked, push steel wool pads into the open spaces until you’ve formed a tight seal. Foam caulking also works well at filling large holes around pipes.