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The Safest Practices in Pest Control

To begin, you must choose the right products for the particular pest you need to control.  Many issues can arise when people choose to mix different poisons in one area as their combined ingredients may be even more toxic together.  Determine the type of pest you have and research effective methods of getting rid of it before you begin.  Consulting the experts or taking the advice of those working at pest control stores can be a smart move to help you avoid this mistake.

Next it is time to read all labels thoroughly and be sure you have a good understanding of how the treatments are to be applied and how they are meant to work.  Read any warnings, first aid instructions, or other details for those “just in case” moments. 

Once you have the items you need be sure to clear the area you will be treating.  This means removing children and pets and really having anyone that doesn’t need to be there clear the area.  If using poisoned bait or even traps, be sure that your beloved pets cannot gain access to them later on. 

Follow all directions and consider wearing gloves, long sleeved clothing and even closed toed shoes when dealing with chemicals of any kind.  It is also wise to have safety measures already in place such as paper towels or saw dust in case of spills.  You will also want to remove any items that do not need to be treated, such as toys, out of the living room and dishes and pet bowls out of the kitchen so as not to risk contamination.   

Be sure the areas you are spraying are as ventilated as possible.  This means mixing chemicals outside if possible and if treating indoor areas opening windows and doors.  Avoid spraying on overly windy days which may cause the pesticides to spray in unpredictable manners.  Once you have covered the area per the instructions, be sure that you store all items properly.  This means putting them somewhere where small hands or paws cannot reach them, without extreme temperature fluctuations, and of course nowhere near food, water sources, or other areas.  

Before you grab a snack or a quick smoke, be sure you thoroughly wash your hands to ensure all pesticides are gone from them.  Try to stay out of the area for as long as directed on the labels.  Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid handling these chemicals all together. 

Sound like a lot of work?  This is why many turn to the professionals to handle their pest control issues.  These men and women have been trained to determine the type of pests and the best course of action for getting rid of them.  This can be through pesticides, traps, or other means.  Trained professionals have gone through certification processes, often earning college degrees in the field, which requires plenty of on the job training.  They thoroughly understand the dangers that pesticides and poisons can pose when not skillfully handled.  They know how to use all forms of pest control without exposing the people and pets of a home to any danger. They are also trained to spot the trouble areas, such as cracks that need to be sealed, so that the minimum amount of pesticides can be used. 

The safest practices for pest control are limiting your exposure when possible and taking all precautions.