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What Pest Control Products Can Be Used for Insects?

Pest control products that you might allow in your home or office are usually not allowed in restaurants.  While this may seem strange, the fact is that there is a major difference between an office or your home, which sees all sorts of activities besides eating, and a commercial establishment where a variety of sensitivities have to be taken into consideration—not to mention liability. 

Homeowners take on the risks of pest control poisons.  Residential diners really don’t sign any form of release—they attend the restaurant in good faith that there is not a pest problem.  So, careful attention to regulation is important here.

An exterminator would recommend products that are approved for use in commercial and food/hospitality businesses, or if you choose to do it yourself, you would have to carefully read and follow the instructions of these products. 

Obviously, applying any such insecticide while food is being prepared is out of the question, as is putting down or spraying any poisons during the preparation, serving or eating process.  The only acceptable time to have extermination procedures done (with approved chemicals/organics) is when the restaurant is closed, when the facility is empty, and when all food has been removed from open view.

A List of Common Spray Products Allowed in Restaurants

  • Tempo SC (general pest control, odorless)
  • Tempo WP
  • Suspend SC
  • Acephate (Orthene, tends to work slow and ideal for steel)
  • Pyrethrin Aerosol
  • Gentrol IGR (recommended for persistent pests and non-food areas; insect growth regulator, not true pesticide)
  • Mop Up (used in mopping; insect growth regulator, not true pesticide)
  • Roach baits like Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel is an alternative to spraying (if using bait, do not use spray, fog, or aerosol products, as these can contaminate the bait
  • Avert Dry Flowable (works in crevices)
  • Delta Dust (a foam product that can work with hard to reach wall voids)

If you choose spraying methods, do not overdo it, as this is unsafe and most likely against the law.  Use sprays sparingly, especially in areas like the kitchen and table rooms.  Be careful about allowing any runoff that could damage other surfaces.  

Natural Items That Can be Used as Repellant

  • Osage oranges
  • Hedge apples
  • Bodark