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Where to Stay During Evacuation for Pest Control

Some types of pest control measures, such as whole house fumigations, require home evacuation for a specific period of time.  This can be anywhere from one day to an extended time for troublesome cases.  So where does one stay during the evacuation? 

Hotels are an obvious choice if you can afford them.  It can even be seen as a positive thing; a mini-vacation if one has the right attitude.  A maid does all the cleaning, there is typically a swimming pool, endless cable TV and few stresses.  Might as well make the most of a situation and enjoy it! 

When staying at a hotel however, do be sure you aren’t taking any pests home to your pest free home when you return.  Hotels can often be the hiding place for the nasty pests known as bedbugs.  To ensure a pleasant stay with no nasty bug surprises, when you first check in to the room immediately check the beds for any signs of bed bugs.  Check the headboards and beneath mattresses for any signs of bugs such as little red dots, or the bugs themselves.  Once you are sure it is clear, you can enjoy your relaxing stay. 

Another option is of course to head over to your family or friends homes for a visit.  Once again, why not make the best of a bad situation by staying with people you love and spending some time with them.  Plan some fun activities together and make the most of your time together.  Be sure to be good house guests, and it is bound to be at least tolerable if not a good visit. 

When staying with friends or family, you still need to be sure of any bug issues.  People with pets may also have fleas in their homes.  The best thing to do when returning home is to throw all items you can into a washing machine when you get home, and to place any other items into plastic bags to help kill off any visitors which may have hitched a ride home with you. 

Neither option suit you?  How about a little camping?  Pitch a tent and sleep under the stars, just be sure you don’t do it in the backyard if it is not recommended by your pest control company.  Heading to a local campground can be affordable and plenty of fun, especially if you have children.  Sit around the campfire, tell ghost stories, or laze around in a hammock.  Just be sure you watch out for the creepy crawlies of nature as you are now on their home turf.  Ticks and mosquitoes are the biggest worries, but with a few preventative measures, they won’t pose to big of a problem.  

If you have pets, you will need to find them lodging as well.  There are pet friendly hotels, boarding options, and of course, nice friends who allow your fluffy family member to stay too.  Be sure you have considered everything you need for your pet when planning a whole home fumigation or other treatment such as paper work showing the pet is up to date on shots, water bowls, cages, leashes, and ID tags.